Mission Statement

At Cohen Math Prep we put an emphasis on the total educational experience.  Our engaging tutors possess a mastery of their given subjects and know how to connect with students as well as with the material. We know the many challenges and obstacles to learning math or any subject, and we want to find what’s right for each student. We also realize that sometimes (unfortunately) the classroom can do more harm than good to students regardless of their abilities. Some students aren’t challenged enough, some aren’t interested enough, some aren’t given the individualized attention they require, and some simply don’t have competent instructors to help them. Regardless of where the problem lies, we can help willing students to get back on track.

We also sympathize with the frustrations of parents facing the ever-changing fads in education. Parents frequently relate to us their dismay in not even recognizing what their elementary school student is being asked to do on a math homework assignment. We keep abreast of these developments (however ridiculous they may be) to help you and your students get through it all.

The main thing that sets Cohen Math Prep apart from other tutoring organizations is our hand-picked team of tutors. The company was built from the bottom-up around the tutoring experience. Founder Rob Cohen used what he found effective from his own extensive tutoring experience and applied that as a framework in seeking and managing other like-minded tutors. Many of our tutors are either grad students or freelancers with deep content knowledge and teaching experience.



As Ben Franklin once wrote, “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain but death and taxes.” And if you’re an American student, you can add Standardized Testing to that list of life’s pesky inevitabilities! At Cohen Math Prep we help to alleviate the constant pressures of unrelenting high-stakes standardized tests that face our children from the beginning of their educations. Like the information being tested, test-taking itself is a skill to be learned, and we know how to prepare you.

From State Tests and ERBs to Regents Exams, from NYC Gifted and Talented admissions tests (OLSAT/NNAT) to SHSATs/ISEEs/SSATs to SATs/ACTs, and from APs to GREs, we can tell you what to expect and how to study. Through repeated exposure to practice test questions as well as receiving additional content instruction and strategy advice by our tutors, you can and will raise your scores.

At Cohen Math Prep we see standardized tests as more than just a necessary evil though. We have found that a tricky question on a test like the SAT or SHSAT can be a valuable teaching tool. In some cases, students are as genuinely interested in cracking a test question as they are with solving a good puzzle or riddle.