Cohen Math Prep Review Sheets

A series of study sheets or study guides for various major tests.

Regents Exams:

Algebra I (Common Core)



Alcumus by the Art of Problem Solving, AKA AoPS
(a great mix of interesting/challenging math problems by subject and topic… NOT rudimentary practice, but for students who want an extra challenge)

(online function graphing resource)

Engage NY
(detailed curriculum and worksheets for grades K-12 math and ELA and a collection of past NY State Tests in ELA and Math)

(puzzle game for learning Euclidean Geometry constructions… also available as a smartphone app)

(a website organizing every math Regents problem ever given, specifically on this page)

Khan Academy
(videos and automated practice problems)

Ken Ken
(puzzle game that combines logic and arithmetic… also available as a smartphone app)

(smartphone app that can simplify expressions and solve equations)

Regents Exams
(a collection of all past NY State Regents Exams in all subjects)

(another math puzzle game)

Math Education

Why Do Americans Stink at Math?

(July, 2014: A New York Times article looking at the failings and successes of Math Education around the world)

A Mathematician’s Lament

(2002: Paul Lockhart, a Math teacher at Brooklyn’s Saint Ann’s School, argues that Math is an art-form and should be taught as such)

Computer Programming


(MIT’s visual programming environment for kids)

Code Academy

(guided tutorials in HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP, and APIs)

(links to many different educational programming sites available online)


Typing Club

(great free and ad-free online resource for touch-typing)

Ted Ed

(animated educational videos on a wide range of topics)


The Art of Problem Solving

(series of math texts for advanced students in need of a challenge… also a great resource for preparing for math contests) Recommended for middle school and up

Measurement by Paul Lockhart

(a guided tour of creative mathematical thinking as it relates to various topics in geometry and algebra… a wonderful introduction to the notions of mathematical rigor in proof and problem solving) Recommended for motivated high school students looking for a challenge or new perspective on mathematics