Caleb Shomaker

team member

Caleb Shomaker

Math, Physics, Chemistry & Test Prep Tutor
Caleb Shomaker is a graduate of New York University with a BFA in Theatre and minor in Mathematics. He currently works as a speech coach, voice-over artist, and math tutor – exploring the intersection of education, communication, and mathematics.

Prior to joining Cohen Math Prep, Caleb worked as a tutor and teacher with Educational Services Center, Fusion Academy – Upper West Side, and Varsity Tutors, among others. With more than six years of educational experience, he is comfortable working with middle school, high school, and college students in a range of subjects, from Algebra to Calculus.

Caleb is an enthusiastic and passionate tutor, and his students attest to his knowledgeable and personable teaching style. With a unique background as a performer and mathematician, he is skilled at communicating complex ideas clearly and effectively. His goal is to improve the confidence, as well as the comprehension, of his students; to that end, Caleb works to connect personally with each of his clients and develop a comfortable environment in which to study challenging topics.

In his scant spare time, Caleb enjoys reading fantasy, playing board games, and watching terrible TV.