Denueve Shepherd

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Denueve Shepherd

Science, ELA, Math & Test Prep Tutor
Denueve Shepherd obtained her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from Muhlenberg College in 2013 while completing pre-medical track courses. She is currently an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) candidate at New York University.

As a student at Muhlenberg, she tutored as a Lead and Head Tutor for both the Writing and Academic Resource Centers respectively. Upon graduating, she moved to Bangladesh for a year, where she functioned as a Writing Tutor and Teaching Assistant for upper level science courses at Asian University for Women.

More recently, Denueve transitioned to tutoring K-12 students. She taught environmental science to over one hundred K-5 students with New York Edge, mentored and tutored all subjects for her 6th-8th grade students, and developed life, academic, writing, and career planning workshops through a pre-nursing program for 9th-12th grade students.

Denueve brings all of this experience to students of all ages at Cohen Math Prep. Her favorite aspect of tutoring is seeing the sudden brightening on the face of a student who just understood a difficult topic. She is committed to engaging students at their level and often uses creative methods and analogies to help students grasp content. When she is not tutoring (or studying), she enjoys catching up with old friends, entertaining her dog, and dancing.