Goutami Sanyal

team member

Goutami Sanyal

Biology, Chemistry, English & Social Studies Tutor
Goutami developed and honed her abilities to present scientific knowledge with a creative literary style while pursuing her undergraduate degree at Columbia University as a premed student majoring in Middle-Eastern Asian Languages and Cultures.

She later received her master’s degree in Reproductive Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. After graduating Ross University School of Medicine, she completed residency in family medicine and currently is pursuing a fellowship in global health at UCSF/ Contra Costa.

Goutami specializes in helping students see concepts as part of the bigger picture in scientific subjects like biology or chemistry, and also write to the best of their ability. She has expertise in English, and social sciences. She is excited to bring her diversity of experience to Cohen Math Prep.

In her free time, Goutami enjoys reading poetry, cooking elaborate meals, and traveling any chance she gets.